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The Introduction

The Asian community of females might be tired of the myths about them and so this article is to help to dispel some of those myths and to briefly explain why some of them came into being. From some websites, escortrankings.uk have been part of the problem as some clients might misconstrue things and put label on the girls that they come across. However, it is not just the client's view; but overall, it comes from the misrepresentation of some people in this society. Let's us take a closer look into this.

Dispelling Asian Female Myths

The Complexity

Asian women have had such stereotypical beliefs about them for years. It is not something that tends to hold these women down. They know what's up and many of them don't let it bother them one bit. Many Asian women are part of the escort industry; mainly because clients love them. There are so many men that prefer to book an Asian girl in comparison to one from another culture. There are many reasons for clients to do so, but it might have something inadvertently to do with the stereotype that Asian women are gentler and easier to play the submissive role. However, some clients fail to realize that the Asian female population spans various sub-regions and countries and the culture is not always the same. The Asian culture is very complex and so, it is not good to assume that they are all the same. Asian women are grouped into categories and regions such as East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Western Asia and Southeast Asia. The complexity does not give rise to maintaining any specific stereotypical assumptions or you will be wrong more than half the time.

The Wrong Thinking

Therefore, it is not good for clients to generalize or see Asian women as a certain stereotype. The key to overcoming such stereotypical thinking is to get information, experience and exposure to the Asian culture at large. There are Asian women who might not be gentler or submissive. Many of them do work in various male-dominated fields and some do not follow their culture to get married at an early age. Implicit biases against the Asian female population are so wrong and need to be unlearned in order to have the right attitude about them. This article will serve to do just that; even if it is in a small way.

The United States

Many men favor Asian women as we have agreed to and this is especially true in the United States. In the United Sates, men consider Asian women to be dedicated to specific family values than other American women. This doesn't mean that it is true across the board. Every woman has her own tendencies and personality traits; no matter where she is from. Some women; including Asian women adapt to certain ways of life and it depends on the environment, situation, and a bunch of other factors. There could be other determining factors that prove this to be untrue and that may include generation divide, cultural changes and behavior modification. For the most part, there is not much negative connotation for Asian women in America since many of them migrate to pursue higher education and opportunities that are open to them. This is true not only in the United States, but countries like Canada and the United Kingdom; among others. The migrating population of Asian women makes for an interesting dialogue since not all of them are similar in traits as is being assumed by so many. Not all Asian women are from the same culture and country. Let us take a look.

Indonesian Women

Indonesian women fall into the Asian category. Many of them live in cities rather than in provinces or townships. Most of them have moved away from agricultural work and from the traditions that dictated the Indonesian culture. Many are into technology, education and improved modernization. Currently, Indonesian women are venturing into a wide range of explorative fields where they can assert themselves and be integral assets to society rather than simply being mothers and wives.

Hong Kong and China

Asian women from China and Hong Kong are known for their cultural diversity and skill in giving massages and other Asian fetishes. However, that is not the only thing that they are known for. Studies have shown that women from China and Honk Kong have rapidly progressed over the years and assumed gender equality in a number of ways and in a wide range of industries. Hong Kong has experienced a cultural change with the emergence of westernization. A combination of traditional culture in China and the westernization component has created uniqueness to the culture in Hong Kong. Women in both Hong Kong and China are emerging as strong females in comparison to other Asian women in other Southeastern Asian countries.

Women in Vietnam

Vietnam is another country where Asian women reside and play significant roles in prior years during the war and presently. The spirit and character or women from Vietnam says a lot about their role in the war and their current role in modern times as an influence on their communities. While the Vietnamese men were serving during the war, the women were raising families, keeping communities together and building the next generation and a country that is now adapting to modernization. These Asian women from Vietnam are a force to be reckoned with. They have assumed various roles in society and are instrumental in the development of the socioeconomic standing of the country.


These days, Asian women are pulling away from the norm and the stereotype. Many of them have even become escort; a profession that would not be considered normal in the past. Asian women from all across the globe are becoming bolder and more confident in taking their place in society; no matter where they fit in. Many have assumed supportive roles and others have taken on leadership roles. This is true for most women in general, but the Asian women have claimed their unique identity and have stepped outside of the stereotype to embrace individualism.

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